Life Skills for Children with Passion

Join us at Ponderosa Islamic Daycare, where we strive to empower children with essential life skills through love, respect, and passion.

Daycare Schedule for 2023

Our daycare hours are designed to offer a full day of engaging activities and learning opportunities for your children. Whether you need a half-day option or a full-day program, we have options available to suit your family’s schedule.
Please contact for availability.

Daycare Activities

For ages 6 months to 6 years

Learn to Read, Write & Grow

With engaging reading sessions, we create a vibrant world where young minds delve into captivating books, embarking on extraordinary literary adventures that nurture their love for language and imagination.

Acting for Kids

Through dynamic workshops and rehearsals, our dedicated instructors will guide your children to build confidence, develop their stage presence, and create unforgettable moments that showcase their acting abilities.

Play, Learn, Grow: Youth Sports

With our guidance, your children will master the fundamentals, develop their skills, and cultivate teamwork and sportsmanship, creating unforgettable experiences on and off the field.

Cooking & Crafting with Kids

Through immersive experiences, young chefs will explore the art of cooking, learn essential techniques, master delectable recipes like pizza or naan, and discover the art of food preparation, presentation, and flavor combinations.

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